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iPad in the high school music classroom

    Well, that went well. I’ve used (little) metronomes before to illustrate how notes get divided up, but this is obvious, dramatic and enagaging. App: frozen ape tempo Hardware: iPad2 and vga adapter   It was really effective getting a student to play with the beat separation buttons while the rest clapped the beats […]

Why #wordpress is better than blogspot

Why #wordpress is better than blogspot.

“Your geekiness knows no bounds.”

Never before have I shared a room with so many teachers passionate about IT. I went to EducampAKL today, an unconference for teachers passionate about IT. Highlights: Smackdown is a great idea: two minute presentations where you’re not allowed to touch a computer. Just sign up and post a link. Someone else clicks the link. […]

Social Networking in Secondary School

Intro to twitter Twitter is a river of short instant messages. Most messages are public. they can include attachments (kind of). Go to Don’t sign in. Search for an area of interest. Try educampakl. Getting started Once you signed up, search for and follow @eggs11vs. This is my main tutor group account. It’s pretty […]

The teacher laptop scheme: time to rethink it? #duedchat

A brief history of my computer use as a teacher: school one Highly managed. Ask IT to come down and log in so you can unmute the sound. school two Very free. I was issued a imac. I could do anything I liked. school three Highly managed (I suspect outsourced to the same firm as […]

I’m using notepad alongside Sibelius a lot lately. #musedchat #duedchat

About a month ago I started using notepad for cutting and pasting. It’s good for other stuff too: no distractions not crowded no stuff to fiddle with word wrap is surprisingly useful And recently I started using it asĀ  a whiteboard, but alongside another app (in this case, Sibelius).

Why Orewa College is doing the right thing

Orewa College is asking all year 9 students to bring their own device next year. This is awesome. It means that the line between “school” and “the real world” will further fade. I normally hate that concept (the “real” world) but, it’s useful here. A brief recap: The school sent a letter to year 8 […]

PPTA ICT committee

Please only answer this if you are a PPTA member in Auckland south-of-the-bridge.

Journal – Cultural Chords installment 2

Apart from me forgetting my physiotherapy appointment, the highlight of yesterday afternoon was the “Reflections on NCEA Moderation.” I’m slightly nervous about be too specific, but suffice to say that it was breathtakingly frank. One of the speakers was pretty brutal about the way NZQA is run They spent a lot of time talking about […]

Journal: Cultural Chords

Some reflections on the “cultural chords” conference. This a music education conference for teachers in New Zealnd. These are my brief impressions: Really sad to hear from teachers from christchurch. #gutted Awesome to hear from David Price. He had very strong, political things to say about national standards and teaching & learning. I hosted the […]