Social Networking in Secondary School

Intro to twitter

Twitter is a river of short instant messages. Most messages are public. they can include attachments (kind of).

Go to Don’t sign in. Search for an area of interest. Try educampakl.

Getting started

Once you signed up, search for and follow @eggs11vs. This is my main tutor group account.

It’s pretty obvious what I tweet about.

I also tweet from @stevevoisey (personal) and @eggsvs (curriculam).

I get students to:

  • signup
  • follow me (@eggs11vs)
  • activate their phone notifications

If they want, they can mention me and I am notified. This is a one-way relationship. They know when assembly is, but I don’t know what they had for breakfast.


Have a look at

Great for links they students want to share (socially). Also events and media (pics and vids).


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