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Happy kid

Earlier this year I tweetedsomething like “Free train set. Pick up from Howick before 5.” + a picture and geotag. My phone rang. “I’m calling about the trainset,” said a very small male voice. His name was Nelson. He was 9. Lived on the shore (that’s a really long way from Howick). He’d looked up […]

e-learning: how to get there

I’ve previously said that the ipad is the biggest recent change in education. As I go through job interviews, reflect on my own experience, and what I can see as commercial developments in education I’ve realised that the big change is really e-learning. Socrates is often regarded as the father of education. Lecturing to youths, […]

Steve Jobs, Fair Trade and porn

A friend of mine posted a comment about foxcon on Facebook as part of his praise of Steve Jobs. It spawned a flurry of defenses of Apple, but many didn’t really get his point. The elephant in the room is conspicuous consumption. When we buy a product, do we share the guilt of the production […]

The good thing about twitter

I thought I’d write a list of some of the great things I’ve got from twitter. 1. laughs When I was in hospital last year, I started a parody account. I was bored, drugged and a little low. Actually: I was really bored, high as a kite and pretty depressed. Anyway, the account went off. […]

Why I don’t like the idea of primary school kids being present at school interviews.

I’m a SAHM  (stay at home mum) who was a teacher BK (before kids). I feel I know this process from both sides. FROM WHERE I SIT An interview with a child present is a different to one where there are no children in the room. Here is why I choose not to include my […]

Operation: Job Hunt

Yes, I’m looking for a job. Rather than focussing on the hunt (yet), I want to talk about the why – as that seems to be the most common question. Epsom Girls Grammar School has been really, really good to me. I’ve been in my element – particularly when I had a role as a […]

Advocating for my colleagues and their students

I’m putting on my PPTA cap here: In the last week, I’ve been asked to advocate for three teachers in other schools on the issue of their students’ IT needs. In a nutshell: they’re all secondary school music teachers who want apple computers. They report aggressive, defensive, deceptive or arrogant IT staff who do not seem to […]

Secondary Teachers Professional Development Opportunities

A friend of mine has put together an awesome set of courses specifically designed for Secondary Teachers. Secondary Teachers need training in professional applications, not just webtools. The course spends a day on each of the apps in the adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign etc) and there is even room to hot up your […]

Subject Specialist Tools

All the talk on #PrimSecEdchat has been very encouraging for me. There’s been a lot of discussion about why exactly the Secondary sector is so far behind. I have a theory that it is to do with Subject Specialist needs. I’ve created a wiki and I hope the community can fill out out. Not with […]

PPTA ICT Committee Meeting reflection

Firstly, PPTA stands for Post Primary Teacher’s Association. It’s the secondary teachers’ union. I went to Wellington on Friday to attend my first ICT committee meeting. I met great bunch of people who care deeply about computer use in schools. There was a wide range of ITC skills in the room, and this enriched the […]