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What you need to know when you put your work email account on your iPhone

They can remote wipe your phone. Completely. With no warning. We did a little experiment at work the other day. We remote-erased my iPhone. The process is very simple: the user (me) signed up to receive work emails on my (personal) phone. The standard protocol for this is called Microsoft Exchange. It’s secure, robust and […]

iOS6 – is it worth it?

iOS6 was released at 5AM this morning. I had installed it by about 7:15 on my iPhone 4S – and I am stoked. Maps is my favourite bit – but that might because I have a 4S. The 3D building are awesome, but the turn-by-turn navigation (it talks to you) is brilliant. 3D building are […]

A little-known iPhone keyboard shortcut

Hold down the “.com” button in safari and you get heaps more options.

The iPhone as a camera

I got a new iPhone about a month ago. I got the latest model, the iPhone 4S. This is the one with an eight megapixel camera and Siri, the voice recognition software. A brief word about Siri: right now I’m speaking to my phone and it is writing down what I say. It’s correct about […]

What your moodle could look like with a little tweeking (including mobile)

Recently, I’ve been playing with my own moodle installation. I’ve found that there are a whole lot of cool themes that are ready to go. They look good, are functional and (mostly importantly) there are specific themes for mobile and tablet. This is what my moodle looks like in Internet Explorer: And on my iphone […]

iPhone mail tips

I’ve never had a desk job before. The experience of being at my computer monitoring email (and a hundred other things) is a new one to me. I set up my work email on my iPhone for various reasons, but it quickly became tired of seeing the email arrive on my computer and feeling my […]

Apple retail service in New Zealand or: knocking on the vacuum cleaner salesman’s door

Someone was expressing their frustration to me about their iPhone the other day. “I know more about how to take care of my leather boots than I know about my (much more expensive) phone.” Chris Rawson, who writes for TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) has also complained about the process of trying to import what […]

Make an iPhone 3GS run a little faster, crash less often and last longer

You’ve had your phone for a little over a year. It was awesome for the first 6 months or so, but then some of your friends got the iPhone 4 – which looks nicer and is much faster. Now, you’ve updated to iOS 5 and it’s getting really slow. The battery is terrible and you’re […]