“Your geekiness knows no bounds.”

Never before have I shared a room with so many teachers passionate about IT. I went to EducampAKL today, an unconference for teachers passionate about IT.


  • Smackdown is a great idea: two minute presentations where you’re not allowed to touch a computer. Just sign up and post a link. Someone else clicks the link. Fast-paced and interesting. Like PD speed-dating. Notes (for whole day) here.
  • Meeting @traintheteacher. Nice to find a like mind. Her insightful blog: Teaching the Teacher.
  • Chatting with @heugumperNZ about My Portfolio. Lookout, Paul: I reckon I might be able to crash it…
  • Sharing my meager social media efforts with @FionaGrant and @mmiissy2

Thanks very much to @FionaGrant for putting it together and @ClaireAmosNZ for hosting (hostessing?).

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  1. Dorothy 5 August 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    It’s the commitment as well as the ‘geekiness’ that stands out. Seemed like lots of those attending were doing so without their school senior management having any knowledge of what the were doing – upskilling in their own time. I think I counted 4 principals in attendance, so ‘full credit’ to them.
    Look out for us introducing the keynote smackdown at the next Educamp Auckland (see link from my name).

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