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Lock your iPad so children can only use one app

This is fantastic. iOS6 enables teachers to lock their iPad or iPhone so that it can only be used for one app. This will be particularly useful for Early Childhood Education and Special Education. I tried it this afternoon. A very simple way to lock your iPad or iPhone so that only one app can […]

The 4-year-old Movie Director

Orson, who is 4, has a little history with iPads. This is his latest creation. His older siblings modelled the software for him, and he snuck the shoot in before dinner the other night. While it’s hardly got a theme of redemption, and the acting is a little 2 dimensional, I think it’s nice. He […]

The iPhone as a camera

I got a new iPhone about a month ago. I got the latest model, the iPhone 4S. This is the one with an eight megapixel camera and Siri, the voice recognition software. A brief word about Siri: right now I’m speaking to my phone and it is writing down what I say. It’s correct about […]

iPads in Early Childhood Education

This is Orson: He’s 3. He has 3 older siblings and he simply refuses to believe that he has any limitations. He is capable of much because he has an awesome sense of self-belief. He was playing with my sister’s iPad a few months ago when he said, “Aunty: look!” He had removed all the […]