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Investing in Educational Success – what it might mean for parents, unions and laptops

The General Election in September will be all about education. The National Party has been on the front foot this year – and this is a little unusual. One of their key policies is IES – Investing in Educational Success. In a nutshell, $358m over three years invested into teacher salaries. Clusters of about 10 […]

Can girls fix computers?

HP have a great onsite warranty scheme. If your computer breaks, they a technician to fix on onsite. It’s a great service. A few times now I’ve had a young lady from India fix machines from me. She breaks a bunch of stereotypes. She’s a very competent woman who fixes computers. She came today while […]

The weirdness of a life online

A friend of mine wrote this a while ago. If we assume that we will be eventually indexed and profiled, then write the story before it is written for you.  Get on Facebook but segment it off to family and friends.  Get on LinkedIn and make sure it is up to date with your experience […]

Rethinking Education – rethinking me

I read this last night, which caused me to watch Ken Robinson again. If teaching is a creative profession how do we develop the creativity of our future teachers? How do we attract creative people to enter teaching? When and where, if ever, do teachers come to recognize themselves as creative professionals? How do we develop creativity in […]

Personal update: My New Job and the way forward

I have a day job! Yus! I’m starting work on the 4th at a small(ish) IT company providing a help desk service to a variety of clients – many of who are in Education. The aim is to get some IT cred in this role and then to move the clients into the LMS/PD area where […]

What’s it like to apply for jobs in the social media age

For those who haven’t caught up, I’m in the job market. But what I want to talk about today is the process. I’ve been applying for jobs for 25 years now. I’ve completed: handwritten letters typed cover letters (probably in comic sans), then mailed in “apply in writing to blah blah blah…” The thing that […]