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Top 5 tips for using The Internet

Yesterday, I spent my lunchtime with a few teachers and support staff talking about the Internet. It was great to see such a good turnout and some insightful questions were asked. My talk drew heavily from this post with a few other ideas thrown in. Make friends with search tools The most common setting I […]

Twitter is about community

I tweeted that I was thinking about getting a stylus for my iPad – I’m experimenting with the award-winning Paper 53 app. Anyway, someone replied, saying that they had a spare. I received it the post this afternoon. Gratis. This is so kind and generous!

Adults: please talk about Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd is all over Facebook. It’s a gut wrenchingly sad story about cyberbullying. Amanda took her life last week after 3 years of hell. The Vancouver Sun article has processed it well, with sound advice. But the teens I m seeing on Facebook don’t know what to do with the story – because they’re […]

Social Media Experiment – twitter for the kids

Mr11 offered Mr15 $8 for his iPod. He accepted, and now Mr11 is pleased as punch. I suggested that he open a twitter account. He did that pretty fast, but the more interesting thing was that his little sister, Miss9, quickly caught on and asked if she could open one. Mr15 sorted out a closed […]

The weirdness of a life online

A friend of mine wrote this a while ago. If we assume that we will be eventually indexed and profiled, then write the story before it is written for you.  Get on Facebook but segment it off to family and friends.  Get on LinkedIn and make sure it is up to date with your experience […]

Randi Zuckerberg’s Social Media Breakfast – my thoughts

I was really privileged to attend a Social Media Breakfast featuring Facebook’s head of marketing, Randi Zuckerberg (Mark’s sister) this morning. Here is a brief summary and some of my thoughts. Randi’s best lines On the dating scene in Silicon Valley: The odds are good, but the goods are odd. On her (famous) brother: I graduated from […]

Social Media in the Community

My wife has a coffee group that meets fortnightly. It’s pretty awesome – childcare, espresso coffee and a nifty craft activity or presentation. A really cool thing happened today: a local mum searched for cupcakes on facebook and found the group! She came along and had a great time. I love it when stuff like […]