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The teaching profession needs to undergo fundamental change

Are computers programming our children or are we teaching our children how to program computers? I bought Miss11 an iPad for Christmas. She takes it to school and uses it for learning. Maths Games, Spelling Games and research are most of what she does in year 6. This is surprisingly good. You couldn’t motivate her […]

Investing in Educational Success – what it might mean for parents, unions and laptops

The General Election in September will be all about education. The National Party has been on the front foot this year – and this is a little unusual. One of their key policies is IES – Investing in Educational Success. In a nutshell, $358m over three years invested into teacher salaries. Clusters of about 10 […]

Can girls fix computers?

HP have a great onsite warranty scheme. If your computer breaks, they a technician to fix on onsite. It’s a great service. A few times now I’ve had a young lady from India fix machines from me. She breaks a bunch of stereotypes. She’s a very competent woman who fixes computers. She came today while […]

iPads in Special Education – the discussion that left me speechless

I spent a few moments talking a Principal at a school for kids with special needs this afternoon. These kids are highly dependent – most of them can’t speak. We were talking about how iPads might be useful to her organisation. She is admirably skeptical – she really doesn’t want anything introduced that won’t make […]

Google services and why you should think twice

I saw this video a while ago, and it caused me to think about how I use the internet. I found out that there are some companies that are really interested in what I think. In fact, they record my internet usage all the time. How I use the internet and why Browsing –  I […]

Adults: please talk about Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd is all over Facebook. It’s a gut wrenchingly sad story about cyberbullying. Amanda took her life last week after 3 years of hell. The Vancouver Sun article has processed it well, with sound advice. But the teens I m seeing on Facebook don’t know what to do with the story – because they’re […]

Buying a laptop

I’m currently helping a friend buy a laptop. I’m bamboozled. I understand almost all the numbers. I know more than the sales staff. In fact, I fix computers, so I know what breaks. I just can’t decide. There is so much silly choice. Just one manufacturer will have something like 10 models on display – […]

Schools: please do your newsletters like this from now on

Warning: rant ahead. We have just received another 5MB pdf newsletter from our kids’ primary school. It’s a pain to read. It’s annoying to download. It puts a lot of stress on the school’s mail server. But that doesn’t bother me nearly as much as this: It’s extremely dumb. Do you know how many people […]