Randi Zuckerberg’s Social Media Breakfast – my thoughts

I was really privileged to attend a Social Media Breakfast featuring Facebook’s head of marketing, Randi Zuckerberg (Mark’s sister) this morning. Here is a brief summary and some of my thoughts.

Randi’s best lines

On the dating scene in Silicon Valley:

The odds are good, but the goods are odd.

On her (famous) brother:

I graduated from Harvard with <insert pretentious sound degree here>. I only say this because my brother did not.

Mark kept texting me saying: “We need a marketing person…” Read this as: I need someone who will work for free. And you’re my sister. Then, he called our mom…

Her top ten trends

(plus some of my notes)


Involve the users

Keep a fun culture – hackathons, passion project. Engineering talent is hard to keep.

Facebook culinary team – would post menu 5 minutes before

  1. Luxury living without luxury spending -airbnb, cherry, renttherunway
  2. Creating the loyality programme – exclusive access. Guilt group. Facebook fans get privilege.
  3. Using platforms for custserv – the haters are an inch away from loving you
  4. Mobile first
  5. people as curators – aggregation. Airnz on pinterest. You can be an expert in anything.
  6. have a sense of humour
  7. Crowdsourcing – kickstarter ***
  8. Gifting and contests
  9. Video and live streaming
  10. Gamification – of everything that is painful to do.

My thoughts

Personally, I enjoy awesome engagement with the brands I use with Social Media. Powershop, Orcon, Vodafone, ASB are all brands with a good, engaged presence. There’s no doubt that they have my business because they engage online. They are where I am.

The questions were not great and they weren’t well answered. The last question was a really important one and it was laughed at rather than answered:

What are the figures? Are people making more money because of this? Are we talking about quantity or quality?

They really brushed this off. It may be because they actually don’t have a good answer.

The reality is that this is the future. This is where the public is now. This is the where organisations need to be in order to engage with them.


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