Adults: please talk about Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd is all over Facebook. It’s a gut wrenchingly sad story about cyberbullying. Amanda took her life last week after 3 years of hell. The Vancouver Sun article has processed it well, with sound advice.

But the teens I m seeing on Facebook don’t know what to do with the story – because they’re living the problem everyday. Their comments are basically more bullying. Facebook seems to reduce emotions to like or not like. They need experience, language and context for this story.

Please, if you’re a teacher or parent, bring this up with your kids aged 10 and up. It’s real, it’s sad and probably happens more often than we know.

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  1. Steve Voisey 16 October 2012 at 4:05 pm #

    UPDATE: I saw the original photo of a 12 year old Amanda lifting up her top on a tribute page on Facebook last night. Teens really need our help processing this grief.

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