Journal: Cultural Chords

Some reflections on the “cultural chords” conference. This a music education conference for teachers in New Zealnd. These are my brief impressions:

  • Really sad to hear from teachers from christchurch. #gutted
  • Awesome to hear from David Price. He had very strong, political things to say about national standards and teaching & learning.
  • I hosted the Techno panel, with Clive Cockburn, Peter Lee and Stuart Wise. Clive talked about his music course. Peter showed what’s changed in Auralia and Stuart did a great job of demonstrating his iPad.

Technology (ios) is a major theme so far and David Price had a lot to say about social learning (social media). David is particularly concerned with

  • “evidence-based” policy
  • banning phones, idevices and social media access in schools

I was pleasantly surpised, as he barely mentioned Musical Futures – which I don’t think is that useful in NZ.

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