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Name Change and update

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll note that the website has had a major facelift – and that I’m selling stuff. I’m planning a Music Technology Event for next term and that’s been the catalyst for all the changes (including the name) and the ecommerce language on the blog. I’m really excited about this challenge, […]

Teaching that works

If you ask the average person on the street to teach you something, what will they do? Explain it. Sometimes this works, but it doesn’t usually with me. People who understand learning know how to teach. Learning is observing, asking the right questions, demonstrating mastery, then answering questions. Teachers take students through these steps. “Listening […]

Social Media Advice For Principals

Guidelines for staff: Don’t friend or follow students. It’s yucky. You can set up groups and pages for them and interact like that – much tidier and more professional. If a student asks to friend you, speak to them in person and explain that it’s a personal rule. If a student follows you, do the […]

What eLearning needs does a Homeschooling family have, and how are they met?

Schools have a huge economy of scale and a requirement (of sorts) to have some basic IT resources. They must have: Devices for staff – in New Zealand, laptops under the TELA scheme Workstations for students – labs, COWs (computers on wheels, usually trolleys of netbooks), or (increasingly) BYOD. This stands for Bring Your Own […]

Personal update: My New Job and the way forward

I have a day job! Yus! I’m starting work on the 4th at a small(ish) IT company providing a help desk service to a variety of clients – many of who are in Education. The aim is to get some IT cred in this role and then to move the clients into the LMS/PD area where […]

The most important app that every teacher should master

Not many teachers that I know use it. But I think it’s probably the best program that microsoft have ever released. It’s far from perfect – very far, but it’s ubiqutious, functional and extremely powerful. Excel. How do  use it? I use it as a database. Maybe I should learn to use a proper database, […]

e-learning: how to get there

I’ve previously said that the ipad is the biggest recent change in education. As I go through job interviews, reflect on my own experience, and what I can see as commercial developments in education I’ve realised that the big change is really e-learning. Socrates is often regarded as the father of education. Lecturing to youths, […]

Advocating for my colleagues and their students

I’m putting on my PPTA cap here: In the last week, I’ve been asked to advocate for three teachers in other schools on the issue of their students’ IT needs. In a nutshell: they’re all secondary school music teachers who want apple computers. They report aggressive, defensive, deceptive or arrogant IT staff who do not seem to […]

Secondary Teachers Professional Development Opportunities

A friend of mine has put together an awesome set of courses specifically designed for Secondary Teachers. Secondary Teachers need training in professional applications, not just webtools. The course spends a day on each of the apps in the adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign etc) and there is even room to hot up your […]

Subject Specialist Tools

All the talk on #PrimSecEdchat has been very encouraging for me. There’s been a lot of discussion about why exactly the Secondary sector is so far behind. I have a theory that it is to do with Subject Specialist needs. I’ve created a wiki and I hope the community can fill out out. Not with […]