Secondary Teachers Professional Development Opportunities

A friend of mine has put together an awesome set of courses specifically designed for Secondary Teachers.

Secondary Teachers need training in professional applications, not just webtools. The course spends a day on each of the apps in the adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign etc) and there is even room to hot up your moodle pages.

The great news is that I’ve been offered a limited number of discounts! Please leave a comment below if you’re interested in $80 off the fee and I’ll tell you the code.

Staff at my school constantly get asked “what do you want to know how to do?” “What are your areas of weakness?” This is a little weird because we don’t usually ask students this at the start of the year. Should there be a bunch of elementary skills that teacher must have?

  • An elementary grasp of file size. kb/mb/gb/tb…?
  • Super-basic image editing: cropping, formats, compression…?
  • This one’s hard to describe: html/richtext/hyperlinks. If you’re using an LMS (learning managment system like moodle/ultranet/knowledgenet) you’re directly dealing with a gui (graphical user interface) but underneath it all is html – a quirky animal. We need to understand how fonts works in html, and the value of hyperlinks and embedding.
  • Excel. This is by far the most useful app for a teacher. I think I’ll dedicate a blog post to this for later.

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    Updated. Link didn’t work. 🙂

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