Social Media Advice For Principals

Guidelines for staff:

Don’t friend or follow students. It’s yucky. You can set up groups and pages for them and interact like that – much tidier and more professional. If a student asks to friend you, speak to them in person and explain that it’s a personal rule. If a student follows you, do the same. If they persist, block them.

Guidelines for senior leadership:

Follow your staff on twitter. And tell them that you’re following them. They might say something good. If they know you’re actively following them, they’ll probably behave themselves.
Have open discussions about facebook. Are students reporting bad behaviour? Are there offensice pages popping up?
I have come to the decision that I don’t friend my colleagues. It’s too complicated. I like to keep facebook for friends, family and my 14-year-old’s 461 friends. I use linkedin for colleagues.

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