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What your moodle could look like with a little tweeking (including mobile)

Recently, I’ve been playing with my own moodle installation. I’ve found that there are a whole lot of cool themes that are ready to go. They look good, are functional and (mostly importantly) there are specific themes for mobile and tablet. This is what my moodle looks like in Internet Explorer: And on my iphone […]

Apple retail service in New Zealand or: knocking on the vacuum cleaner salesman’s door

Someone was expressing their frustration to me about their iPhone the other day. “I know more about how to take care of my leather boots than I know about my (much more expensive) phone.” Chris Rawson, who writes for TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) has also complained about the process of trying to import what […]

iPads in Early Childhood Education

This is Orson: He’s 3. He has 3 older siblings and he simply refuses to believe that he has any limitations. He is capable of much because he has an awesome sense of self-belief. He was playing with my sister’s iPad a few months ago when he said, “Aunty: look!” He had removed all the […]

e-learning: how to get there

I’ve previously said that the ipad is the biggest recent change in education. As I go through job interviews, reflect on my own experience, and what I can see as commercial developments in education I’ve realised that the big change is really e-learning. Socrates is often regarded as the father of education. Lecturing to youths, […]

Operation: Job Hunt

Yes, I’m looking for a job. Rather than focussing on the hunt (yet), I want to talk about the why – as that seems to be the most common question. Epsom Girls Grammar School has been really, really good to me. I’ve been in my element – particularly when I had a role as a […]

I think we’re witnessing another tech revolution in Education

Watching teachers talk about iPads is fascinating. Basically, there are two groups. The “but it doesn’t…” group and the “but it does…” group. I’ll prove an excellent point: I’m typing on an iPad right now. I CAN do that. The wordpress app is awesome. But I want to link to this: There’s no attractive […]