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Getting the best out of Google

I like Google.  It changes constantly, and while there may be many commercial reasons for Google to alter its algorithms for search optimisation, understanding how Google operates and how to get the best search results from it is pretty liberating. In my professional life I’m constantly asked to find information with the very quick caveat […]

Teachers: please don’t use your students as a human shield

I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable with teachers preaching to their students. I first came across this when, as a young teacher, I saw how effective articulate senior student could be in making a case for their teachers. I think this is ok. These are students who are at an age when they are being […]

New eLearning site needs a test drive

Can you help? I’m building an eLearning site. I need to test how many users it can handle at one and whether all the features work. Do you think you could: Click on the link, register, do the Moodle for Teachers course, upload a profile pic, post something in a forum, suggest a course..? Just […]

Music Technology Professional Development

Here’s a little personal project that I’m working on. You might know someone who would be interested in this. In case you missed it, the Music Technology PD Day is on in Auckland on the first Friday of next term. We’ve got teachers coming from as far afield as Tauranga and Long Bay, and a couple of […]

Some thoughts about building your own website – in New Zealand

Well, maybe not so much a series of thoughts as some really simple definitions. I’ll start with a nice jargony sentence. If you want a website, first you need to choose a domain name, get a webhost, build it using a CMS, draw some traffic to it, then update it. You should have a way […]

The 4-year-old Movie Director

Orson, who is 4, has a little history with iPads. This is his latest creation. His older siblings modelled the software for him, and he snuck the shoot in before dinner the other night. While it’s hardly got a theme of redemption, and the acting is a little 2 dimensional, I think it’s nice. He […]

Mercury Energy is USELESS

Off topic. Warning : Rant ahead. Sunday, 2:30PM. Two gentleman from Mercury Energy on my doorstep offering me a really good deal on my power bill. I signed up and spoke to someone on the phone on the spot. Next day: I needed to check on my prepaid units with my current provider, so I […]

They love the learning because the failure hurts

Anyone who knows me, really knows me, knows that I’ve failed. I’m not particularly afraid of it. I don’t like it, but I know it’s important. Someone gave me this article last week. It’s got great research and good takeaways, but the thing I love most is the emphasis on failure. Samuel Beckett had the […]

How to be a good parent to your kids when they’re on Facebook

I’ve talked to loads of parents about Facebook, and I sense a real fear. Many parents don’t really understand it and either ban it or turn a blind eye. It’s my aim in this post to address the concerns of these parents and give some nice, practical tips. What is Facebook? Facebook is a free […]

Some more thoughts about Microsoft Excel

I wrote this post ages ago, but just posted it on my facebook page last night. @mfcuk2 commented: I use Excel too. It’s powerful because every bit of data I need in the classroom is on display, usually via data projector. Also the spreadsheet has all the data my students need as well. Results, attendance, fees […]