Teachers: please don’t use your students as a human shield

I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable with teachers preaching to their students. I first came across this when, as a young teacher, I saw how effective articulate senior student could be in making a case for their teachers. I think this is ok. These are students who are at an age when they are being asked to discuss and debate as part of the their education.

At primary school (ages 5-11), children are not learning about ambiguity. They are not learning perspective or conflict. They are learning facts – flags, timestables, spelling, vocabulary. They aren’t mature enough to form an opinion. They should not be in front of a camera delivering an emotive plea.

I’m not saying that I agree with the government over the closures and mergers of schools in Canterbury. Far from it. I am highly suspicious of this government. They act like they have a secret agenda of education reform. They have no mandate for this and they simply aren’t being transparent about the fanciful things they’re doing in education. Charter Schools – for a start.

But, teachers: please don’t ask the kids to speak for you. It does little for your cause.

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