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What’s it like to apply for jobs in the social media age

For those who haven’t caught up, I’m in the job market. But what I want to talk about today is the process. I’ve been applying for jobs for 25 years now. I’ve completed: handwritten letters typed cover letters (probably in comic sans), then mailed in “apply in writing to blah blah blah…” The thing that […]

Operation: Job Hunt

Yes, I’m looking for a job. Rather than focussing on the hunt (yet), I want to talk about the why – as that seems to be the most common question. Epsom Girls Grammar School has been really, really good to me. I’ve been in my element – particularly when I had a role as a […]

I got my iphone back!

Actually, it’s a new phone. Awesome! My phone had been dropping calls, suddenly having no signal… So, I took it in to YooBee. It had 2 weeks left on its warranty. They said it would take about a week *shudders*. Two days later, they said, “come and get your replacement.” Yus.