Special Project

Do these jobs first

  1. Lydia must take at least 5 good photos. She should probably take more than that, but there must be at least 5 really good ones. Mum can help her with this.
  2. Jacob must  import the photos to iphoto (on the mac) and name them.
  3. Nat must upload the photos to flickr so that everyone can put them on their blogs. I suggest you open a flickr account on our desktop computer while jay works out iphoto etc. You will need to figure out how to embed the flickr photos into wordpress blogs. If this doesn’t work, you could just upload the photos to each person’s blog individually.


Write a procedure about something you saw today. Don’t forget to do a title, opening statement, steps.


Explain what happened today. How many people were working together? What did each person do? What sort of special tools and equipment did they use?


Write a detailed explanation of what happened. Describe the safety issues and how these were dealt with.

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