My son the rock star

So Nat (12) says to me last week : “can we go to your school and record my song?”

I didn’t even know he’d written a song, but, after a few errands we trekked in and started up garageband. On the way, I laid down some ground rules: ‘I’m not playing any instruments.’ He agreed – he just needed advice on which sounds to use etc.

I won’t go into loads of detail, but let me do some bullet points:

  • he played a really tidy, original riff on acoustic guitar. We miked it and recorded it with a loop. I didn’t know he could play guitar that well.
  • he then sang. I didn’t know he could sing that well.
  • he then doubled the riff on the piano. I was dumbfounded.
  • Another guitar part – with leslie speaker effect
  • he played a bass part in, a solid counterpoint to the riff.
  • “Dad, can we record the drums now?” Three mics, again, very solid.

wow. so proud.

click here to hear

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