The Classroom as a Dinner Party

Recently I’ve begun to see everything within a food metaphor – this all started with my Learning Is A Banquet post.

Molly-DeCoudreauxCan we go a  little deeper? What if teacher were the hosts of a pot luck dinner party and the students were the guests?

If guests show up with nothing to contribute, they’re still welcome.

If guests are not eating, it’s the host’s job to make sure they’re looked after. Sit with them and make them feel comfortable.

If a group of guests is being rude and ruining everyone else’s evening, then deal with it politely and respectfully. “This is my house, and you’re a guest…”

It’s the host’s job to set the table, do the dishes and encourage conversation. Not to dominate or show off.

This kind of thinking has a huge effect on classroom management. Students need to feel welcome, empowered and wanted (Maslow, anyone?).

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