Homework – from the other perspective


Reflective Practice Post #1 for 2013.

… and reflecting as a parent too.

My two big boys have started years 7 and 11 this week. What do I expect as a parent? I want to be convinced that they’re engaged in learning, challenged and “getting on with it.” Homework is quite gratifying.

The biggest boy has come home from school raving about some of his classes – which is very awesome. Nothing interesting from the year 7. Yet.

I’ve also started a new school this year. A new role, new environment, new students, even a new subject. I’ve thought hard about homework in the past – but I’ve just realised that I’ve not blogged about it. The evidence shows that homework doesn’t help. Parents help too much. Kids hate it. It only improves your time management if you had pretty good management to start with. But mostly it’s bad for your attitude to learning. It’s hard to love something that is so painful.

I haven’t set homework – but I’m convinced that a few of the 120 year 8s that I teach will do some work at home this week.

So for the first time, I’m seeing it from two perspectives. And it’s interesting.

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