iPhone mail tips

I’ve never had a desk job before. The experience of being at my computer monitoring email (and a hundred other things) is a new one to me.

I set up my work email on my iPhone for various reasons, but it quickly became tired of seeing the email arrive on my computer and feeling my iPhone vibrate at the same time. Why get notified of something twice, right?

So this is how I stopped my work emails vibrating my phone all day:

1. Touch “settings,” then mail/contacts/calendars.








2. Touch “fetch new data.”











3. Here’s the trick. You can tell different mail accounts to behave differently.

Touch “advanced” and select the account that you want to change.








Now, my work email only buzzes my phone when I’ve got the mail app open. It won’t notify unless I ask it.

I know this won’t suit everyone, but I like it for this purpose.


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