The BEST way to combine RSS feeds

I searched and searched for the answer to this questions. I found multiple services that were shut down and, to cut a long story short, it was a massive google fail.


RSS feeds are really useful. I’ll save an explanation for another post. This post is about combining them and republishing them.


I wanted to provide a list of cool blogs here.


Google Reader.

  1. subscribe to your feeds
  2. Click on browse for stuff, then “create a bundle”. Yes, a ‘Bundle.’
  3. Add some feeds and press save.
  4. You’ll see your bundle, and a link that says “create a bundle clip for your website or blog.” Ah – now were getting there.
  5. Make it look nice (or in my case, grey), and clip the code. Awesome.

Do you have a use for this? Do you have another way?

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