I hate prepaid petrol

I won’t buy it. I haven’t bought it for years.

It’s like this: if there’s a ‘pumps on prepay’ sign I simply act like it’s not there. I put the nizzle into the tank and wait for about 20 secs. A little eye contact with the guy behind the counter and nine times out of ten it’s sorted. But every now and then it takes longer.

Today I had to walk into the Caltex shop on Broadway in Newmarket. I asked for them to turn the pump on. They said that it was on prepay. I asked them to turn the pump on again. They said it was on prepay. I told them I would go to another station. They stood their ground. I left and went to the BP. hmph.

My theory is this: they used to have people who would fill your tank, check stuff and were quite friendly. Then, they cut costs and locked the retail assistants in the shop. Then, people started stealing petrol. Now, they put it on prepay and you have to queue before you pump and then (if you filled it) after you pump. What a silly idea.

I hate prepaid petrol.

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