Just in time – notes from this morning’s #TTSed breakfast

This morning I shared breakfast with some teachers. We shared our experiences with using Google Docs in the classroom, Teacher Dashboard and BYOD. I was able to share a few ideas and I told them that I’d email them some notes. I changed my mind: I’ve decided to blog the ideas. Eggs-Benedict
– check that students are not “private browsing.” If their Safari browser is black, open a new tab and deselect “Private” in the bottom right=hand corner
– always have devices sitting flat on desks facing the ceiling if you’re concerned about student drifting off-task
Google Drive and Video
– Open Google Drive and sign in to a school account. Upload video and images to Google Drive. From there, it can be embedded into a blogger post, Google Classroom, Google Sites etc. You can link to it from any website – like wikispaces.
– Notability is a great way for students to write or draw on pdfs. It links nicely with Google Drive too.
– Teachers can upload a pdf worksheet. Students can open it in Notability and fill it out by writing, drawing or insert images, then upload it to Google Drive (and Teacher Dashboard).
– notes are geotagged – so you can view a map of all your notes
– create a shared notebook and collect a set of geotagged photos, voice recordings and text from a school trip
– evernote is a very efficient way to get voice recordings off your iPad.
Google Classroom
– there is minimal cross-over between Google Classroom and Teacher Dashboard
– the stream is a place where all class members – students and teachers – can post and interact with content
– assignments offer a place to exchange assessments/projects.
– assignments create Google Docs that include the student’s name and assignment name – so you don’t get confused.
– when students press “turn in” they lose the ability to edit the work


– a stop motion movie creator for iPad


Do you use any of these tools? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Steve Voisey 16 September 2014 at 11:57 am #

    … and here’s the video that my wife (Nicola) made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hyt8JvJpmEw

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