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The Future Of Education

The future of education is this: kids learning loads of content – the right content at the right time. They will learn in the best way – some of it they will read from narrative, some will be abstract interactive media/charts/games. All of it will be engaging, brilliantly produced, age/culture appropriate. The future will be […]

The most important app that every teacher should master

Not many teachers that I know use it. But I think it’s probably the best program that microsoft have ever released. It’s far from perfect – very far, but it’s ubiqutious, functional and extremely powerful. Excel. How do  use it? I use it as a database. Maybe I should learn to use a proper database, […]

Do we assess what we teach or do we teach what we assess?

Yesterday there was an email going around musicnet (the music teachers’ listserv) about an assessment point. A year 13 student had presented some excellent work which didn’t quite fit the NZQA requirements. In my opinion, the assessment is totally inappropriate for this instrument. It got me thinking about our role as teachers: Does the assessment drive what […]