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I had a great Friday. It was scary, but I enjoyed a massive success. I met great people, I did good things, I conquered fears, I learned from mistakes. Most of the things I planned worked awesomely. I learned from doing. Hearing (or reading) about Friday would not as good as doing it. Friday was […]

Rethinking Education – rethinking me

I read this last night, which caused me to watch Ken Robinson again. If teaching is a creative profession how do we develop the creativity of our future teachers? How do we attract creative people to enter teaching? When and where, if ever, do teachers come to recognize themselves as creative professionals? How do we develop creativity in […]

Disruption: My Theory Of Everything

Disruption: My Theory Of Everything

Recently, I was thinking about all the books that my wife reads about raising children. *There are lots of books because there are lots of children. Five, in fact. Anyway, I thought to myself: “how can they all give different advice, but the advice still actually works?” They tell you to be more structured loosen up distance yourself emotionally […]

There are Two Ways

There are two ways of doing IT: the fiddly way and the best way. Use the best tools for the job or bend and stretch the alternatives. How can you tell the best way? That’s actually a really hard question, but it’s partly answered in the reason for this approach. The great thing about doing […]

Name Change and update

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll note that the website has had a major facelift – and that I’m selling stuff. I’m planning a Music Technology Event for next term and that’s been the catalyst for all the changes (including the name) and the ecommerce language on the blog. I’m really excited about this challenge, […]

Something to write about

There’s a huge danger of over thinking this thing. Blogging. I’ve been reluctant to write anything because I had placed an expectation on myself about the amount of work that should go into a post. But some of the blogs that I enjoy regularly are extremely brief. Seth’s Blog springs to mind. # no link […]

Personal update: My New Job and the way forward

I have a day job! Yus! I’m starting work on the 4th at a small(ish) IT company providing a help desk service to a variety of clients – many of who are in Education. The aim is to get some IT cred in this role and then to move the clients into the LMS/PD area where […]

How to make a secondhand MacBook work for you

Reality hit me like a ton of bricks when I quit my teaching job and started flying solo. I didn’t think teachers had many perks but when I lost my laptop, iPad, fibre internet, MS Office, Acrobat Pro and a printer I was feeling a little like Job (the guy from the Bible who lost […]

My Plans

If you’ve been following me for the last few months you’ll know that I am changing career. I’ve spent the last 11 years as a secondary school music teacher. I have really enjoyed being a part of young peoples’ lives, and I’ve had good relationships with my colleagues – but there’s something I like more: […]

Countdown to change

13 lessons left to teach 1 iPad to return 1 laptop to return Goodbyes Change is in the air. No, I don’t have a new job yet, but I’m still very confident.