Professional Development

Why do we learn? There are lots of reasons to learn, but teachers know that the best reason is enjoyment. The best rewards are intrinsic.

This philosophy underpins Looseleaf Professional Development. Courses are fun, practical and motivating. At every Looseleaf course you can expect:

  • learning by doing – this means: less talk, more action.
  • a bring your own device environment (BYOD) – bring your laptop, tablet, smartphone, even bring your desktop. Research, share, discuss and contribute during presentations. Wifi is on hand and expert technical support is available to help you connect your school equipment.
  • eLearning – Looseleaf has its own Learning Management System (LMS) and you can expect links to external content, resources to download, and eLearning pedagogy in action.
  • to be looked after – Looseleaf uses great venues with easy parking, central locations, and (most importantly) delicious food!

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