Cee – Dee – Eee – A Platform for Learning

Last week I wrote about learning. It’s a Banquet, not a Soup Kitchen.

I’ve been thinking about how to assess whether this kind of twenty-first century learning is going on. I’m calling it: Cee, Dee, Eee. This is basically a set of KPIs.

Unfortunately, I need to describe it backwards. It’s not my fault the alphabet is the way it is. ;-D

Eee is for Engagement

Learning happens when learners are fully engaged. Students are curious and motivated. Teachers are too.

Dee is for Differentiation

Learning happens when students are able to work at the best pace for them. Teachers call this differentiation. If we draw the Banquet metaphor out a little, it means that some students are going to spend a long time on the hors d’oeuvres. Some are going to skip to dessert. Differentiation means that I can access what I need when I need it – I’m not bound by a schedule.

Cee is for Collaboration

Twenty First century learning happens when there’s collaboration. We are social beings, we work together.


Technology is one of the enablers for this. The most striking thing about using an iPad in class is the Engagement the you experience. Devices allow us to create repositories that make all resources available, enabling Differentiation. And technology brings a new meaning to Collaboration.

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