Social Media Experiment – twitter for the kids

20121005-211055.jpgMr11 offered Mr15 $8 for his iPod. He accepted, and now Mr11 is pleased as punch. I suggested that he open a twitter account. He did that pretty fast, but the more interesting thing was that his little sister, Miss9, quickly caught on and asked if she could open one. Mr15 sorted out a closed a protected account, which is perfect.
It took almost 4 minutes before we had a cyber bullying accusation, and less than a minute later we had a netiquette situation. “She’s annoying! How do I block her?!”
That was really fast! I realised something: my children do tease each other – and this is just another opportunity. My children also bait/annoy each other. We had a little talk about this, and I feel pretty good about the balance of power now.
Best thing so far: Mr11 has now asked me: “how do you spell…” At least 5 times in the last 24 hours. This is excellent news. He’s writing.
If you know any kids of this age, I’d really appreciate if you could let me know. I’m looking for good accounts for them to follow.


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