What’s the best way to set up my child’s iPad for school?

Share an Apple ID and turn on automatic downloads. Add an email account for her and setup your iMessage so that chaos doesn’t ensue. Find my iPad (goes without saying). Use iCloud backup She turned 10 yesterday, and the iPad mini was a surprise. She’s a mature, intelligent girl (don’t tell her I said that!), […]

Top tips for Microsoft Outlook

Another Learning Over Lunch (LOL!) session today. We talked about Outlook this time – again, great questions and interesting conversations. What is Outlook actually? Outlook is the front end of a Microsoft service called Exchange. Outlook is an application that provides all of the elements below in one package: Email (also accessible at outlook.com) Calendar(s) […]

Top 5 tips for using The Internet

Yesterday, I spent my lunchtime with a few teachers and support staff talking about the Internet. It was great to see such a good turnout and some insightful questions were asked. My talk drew heavily from this post with a few other ideas thrown in. Make friends with search tools The most common setting I […]

Homework – from the other perspective

Reflective Practice Post #1 for 2013. … and reflecting as a parent too. My two big boys have started years 7 and 11 this week. What do I expect as a parent? I want to be convinced that they’re engaged in learning, challenged and “getting on with it.” Homework is quite gratifying. The biggest boy […]

Twitter is about community

I tweeted that I was thinking about getting a stylus for my iPad – I’m experimenting with the award-winning Paper 53 app. Anyway, someone replied, saying that they had a spare. I received it the post this afternoon. Gratis. This is so kind and generous!

What does “Gamification” mean?

You’re running with your headphones in when a voice says: “the zombies are 100 metres behind you! Run faster!” I bought this app for my eleven year old yesterday, and he’s completely addicted: to running! What a massive win! He’s come home and tells me that he’s “picked up” these resources and saved some lives […]

I’m getting an Android tablet for teaching. Which apps do I need?

My cousin, a teacher in South Africa, is getting an Android for teaching. She asked me which apps she needs. I emailed her, then thought: heck! Maybe others would like some suggestions. Hi Jan Glad to hear your school is getting into tablets. The key to getting the most out of your tablet is living […]

Thinking about eLearning in 2013

I was talking to my son this morning about my plans for next year. I’m teaching technology to year 7s and 8s – basically ICT. Most of the kids will have iPads, so I hope to get them eportfolioing in WordPress. Why WordPress? I’m pretty sure that the WordPress app sets it apart from mahara […]

A fiery BYOD Meeting

I attended an info evening put on by my local primary school on their new BYOD initiative last night. While there were some supportive parents there, the night was dominated by complaint – and it was hard to watch. I wanted to outline a couple of myths and realities. Please, if you disagree, that’s what […]

iPads in Special Education – the discussion that left me speechless

I spent a few moments talking a Principal at a school for kids with special needs this afternoon. These kids are highly dependent – most of them can’t speak. We were talking about how iPads might be useful to her organisation. She is admirably skeptical – she really doesn’t want anything introduced that won’t make […]