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iPads in Special Education – the discussion that left me speechless

I spent a few moments talking a Principal at a school for kids with special needs this afternoon. These kids are highly dependent – most of them can’t speak. We were talking about how iPads might be useful to her organisation. She is admirably skeptical – she really doesn’t want anything introduced that won’t make […]

For parents: what to say in Parent/Teacher interviews

Straight-up: teachers don’t generally like the interviews. they’d rather be watching tv1 at home wearing a cardigan they’re nervous that they’re going to be berated by an angry parent they’re certain that the parents that need to be there won’t be it’s boring sitting in a drafty, noisy hall What you should say: You’re doing […]

Teaching that works

If you ask the average person on the street to teach you something, what will they do? Explain it. Sometimes this works, but it doesn’t usually with me. People who understand learning know how to teach. Learning is observing, asking the right questions, demonstrating mastery, then answering questions. Teachers take students through these steps. “Listening […]

The iPhone as a camera

I got a new iPhone about a month ago. I got the latest model, the iPhone 4S. This is the one with an eight megapixel camera and Siri, the voice recognition software. A brief word about Siri: right now I’m speaking to my phone and it is writing down what I say. It’s correct about […]

The Future Of Education

The future of education is this: kids learning loads of content – the right content at the right time. They will learn in the best way – some of it they will read from narrative, some will be abstract interactive media/charts/games. All of it will be engaging, brilliantly produced, age/culture appropriate. The future will be […]

What eLearning needs does a Homeschooling family have, and how are they met?

Schools have a huge economy of scale and a requirement (of sorts) to have some basic IT resources. They must have: Devices for staff – in New Zealand, laptops under the TELA scheme Workstations for students – labs, COWs (computers on wheels, usually trolleys of netbooks), or (increasingly) BYOD. This stands for Bring Your Own […]

Personal update: My New Job and the way forward

I have a day job! Yus! I’m starting work on the 4th at a small(ish) IT company providing a help desk service to a variety of clients – many of who are in Education. The aim is to get some IT cred in this role and then to move the clients into the LMS/PD area where […]

e-learning: how to get there

I’ve previously said that the ipad is the biggest recent change in education. As I go through job interviews, reflect on my own experience, and what I can see as commercial developments in education I’ve realised that the big change is really e-learning. Socrates is often regarded as the father of education. Lecturing to youths, […]

Why I don’t like the idea of primary school kids being present at school interviews.

I’m a SAHM  (stay at home mum) who was a teacher BK (before kids). I feel I know this process from both sides. FROM WHERE I SIT An interview with a child present is a different to one where there are no children in the room. Here is why I choose not to include my […]