For parents: what to say in Parent/Teacher interviews

Straight-up: teachers don’t generally like the interviews.

  • they’d rather be watching tv1 at home wearing a cardigan
  • they’re nervous that they’re going to be berated by an angry parent
  • they’re certain that the parents that need to be there won’t be
  • it’s boring sitting in a drafty, noisy hall

What you should say:

  • You’re doing a great job in this area…
  • Sally loves it when you…
  • I was concerned when Sally told me that…
  • When you set this homework assignment/project, what did you mean when you said…?
  • These are the things we’re doing at home to support your programme…
  • Is there anything else that we can do…?
  • We would really appreciate as much feedback from you as is possible. Here is a card with my email address, landline… Please don’t hesitate.

Don’t berate them. Don’t hassle them. Don’t critisise them. The thing is, your kid might spend more time in the same room as this person than you do. You don’t really get to choose the teacher. You have to win them over. If you have a complaint, talk to the Principal. And then, talk to the Principal. And again. But don’t make an enemy of the teacher.

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  1. Fleur Coleman 3 May 2012 at 10:16 am #

    Wise words…A least favourite parent interview experience was being caught in the middle of feuding parents with huge baggage issues, whilst everyone screaming.
    Just gross.

    Not bad for a BT, handling that. 😉

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