The iPhone as a camera

I got a new iPhone about a month ago. I got the latest model, the iPhone 4S. This is the one with an eight megapixel camera and Siri, the voice recognition software.
A brief word about Siri: right now I’m speaking to my phone and it is writing down what I say. It’s correct about 90% of the time. This is definitely much faster than typing. I set appointments, write and read text messages, and make phone calls via Siri. Here in New Zealand we can’t touch our phones while driving. I use the headphones that came with my phone and press the button down to use Siri. Texting while driving is a real highlight.

But, what I wanted to talk about is the camera. The camera is incredible. The quality is really great. It focuses brilliantly. The apps that you can use are my favourite part. I use camera awesome (terrible name), because the work focuses and adjusts for light is the best of it ever seen. I also use instagram quite a lot. It’s a really great social app and most of the people on it love photography. It’s a great way to share pictures.


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