PPTA ICT Committee Meeting reflection

Firstly, PPTA stands for Post Primary Teacher’s Association. It’s the secondary teachers’ union.
I went to Wellington on Friday to attend my first ICT committee meeting. I met great bunch of people who care deeply about computer use in schools. There was a wide range of ITC skills in the room, and this enriched the meeting. Highlights for me:

  • Meeting @pptaweb, who I have tweeted many times in the last year.
  • Hearing from Gareth Hughes MP about the copyright legislation that starts in September. Larrakin.
  • Hearing Ian Monroe (from the ministry) talking about a bunch of very positive things going in SMS & LMS. Very smart guy.
It was a real eye-opener seeing the viewpoints of teachers in other parts of the country. Their issues are different to mine and it was extremely valuable for me to start to get a grip on this.
I presented my survey of the members that I represent and it was well received. The committee was interested in pushing the survey out to the whole country which I found very encouraging. We talked at length on the issue of laptop administration rights.
I’m back there in December, and the agenda is probably already full. I’m really encouraged about this group. Much is possible.

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