Why you need to think really hard about introducing iPads into the classroom

I read this blog. It’s an insightful, well-informed, no-holds-barred piece on “Why the iPad is not ready for the classroom.” Very refreshing. Most work on this subject is by fanbois who don’t know what they’re talking about or #haters who don’t know what they’re talking about.

I recommend you read the blog first, as this is just an extended comment on it.

The ipad doesn’t work with Google Docs!

No. It doesn’t. Point taken.

Shall we list all the websites that don’t work due to lack of Flash?

Well, actually, yes. We should make a list. I bump into maybe one a day. The main thing that gets delivered by flash in my world is ads. And I don’t miss them.

The Safari browser doesn’t work in Moodle.

Doesn’t apply to me. We have 2.0 at my school.


Hmm. I’m a music teacher. The multitasking works fine for me.


Never use it.

Google Earth

Point taken, but what about those astronomy apps or layar? Much more dynamic. I get it though – you’re getting at content creation.


Hadn’t occurred to me until now. I’ve used a vga cable, though. Very effective.

Keynote, Pages, iMovie and garageband – document submission

Do you have an issue with student email addresses? Not an issue around here.

Admin rights

By this I take it you mean access to an apple account. I’ve now realised that you’re talking about little kids. They’ve got to have admin rights.


What is this? The nineties?

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  1. Stephanie 17 August 2011 at 7:52 am #

    As always any device/platform has its pluses/minuses. It’s about what works for your learners and learning that matters.

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