so i created a gmail filter to send my online bills to rememberthemilk

I’ll keep it brief. I’m assuming:

  • You have a gmail account
  • You have a account and you’re an active user of this awesome to do list machine. it’s free, but you can subscribe  and get a couple of extra features and a warm fuzzy feeling.
  1. Create a rememberthemilk inbox email address. In settings.
  2. Enable it as a forwarding address in gmail. This is a little tricky. Gmail sends a confirmation email to your rememberthemilk inbox. This is appears as a task. Go to the ‘notes’ of the task and you’ll find the confirmation link. You know what to do 😉
  3. Find an invoice/bill in your gmail inbox. If there aren’t any in there, you’re too young to vote. More actions – filter messages like this – next step – forward to…

please reply if you find this helpful or useless.

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