Autotune rant – teacher’s perspective

This is my response to a secondary teacher’s question.

Hi all
I first used auto tune in 1997. It is not the latest technology.
When non professionals (like that journalist) talk about it they show
ignorance. I could really rant about this, but I will limit it to a
few potent points:
Yes, you can use AT in a live setting, but if it worked, everyone
would use it. It is very limited and when you use it, your ears learn
to identify its sound. Some do use it, but no where near as many as
those who use backing tracks. This is a whole other topic 🙂

AT is just like make up (100 years old) airbrushing, lighting,
Photoshop, reverb, compression… It’s a tool that makes art better. I
liken it to the days photography took over the portrait industry.
Photographers are now bona fide artists. Or should I say: photography
is an art.

My last point – and I plead: don’t respond to this thread if you’ve
not used AT. There’s a very simple AT tool in GarageBand.
Kind regards

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